Performance Tools

tuned - A dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The tuned package contains a daemon that tunes system settings dynamically.
It does so by monitoring the usage of several system components periodically.
Based on that information components will then be put into lower or higher
power saving modes to adapt to the current usage. Currently only ethernet
network and ATA harddisk devices are implemented.


tuned-0.2.19-13.el6.noarch [93 KiB] Changelog by Jaroslav Škarvada (2013-07-22):
- add support for upstream THP
  resolves: rhbz#912788
- added sap profile, backported features it needs
  resolves: rhbz#910838
- made elevator settings customizable
  resolves: rhbz#987547
- fixed usb_autosuspend and bluetooth functions
  resolves: rhbz#982756
- increased kernel.sched_migration_cost in virtual-host profile
  resolves: rhbz#969491
- documented virtual-guest and virtual-host profiles
  resolves: rhbz#964187
- fixed typo in tuned-adm help
  resolves: rhbz#963821
- modified latency-performance profile to lock CPU to C1
  resolves: rhbz#961792
- added support for /etc/sysctl.d
  resolves: rhbz#959732
- fixed permissions of /var/run/tuned/
  resolves: CVE-2013-1820
- fixed diskdevstat labels
  resolves: rhbz#885080
- quiet errors when remounting FS with nobarriers
  resolves: rhbz#838512

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