Virtualization Client

python-virtinst - Python modules and utilities for installing virtual machines

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: Scientific Linux
virtinst is a module that helps build and install libvirt based virtual
machines. Currently supports KVM, QEmu and Xen virtual machines. Package
includes several command line utilities, including virt-install (build
and install new VMs) and virt-clone (clone an existing virtual machine).


python-virtinst-0.600.0-18.el6.noarch [491 KiB] Changelog by Martin Kletzander (2013-08-01):
- Don't support comments in parsed parameters (rhbz#916875)
- Fix progress bars in virt-clone once more (rhbz#946972)
- Throw error when --host-device can't specify unique device (rhbz#861972)
- Set is_dup to true when --host-device come with bus.addr (rhbz#861972)
- Differentiate duplicate usb devices by bus/addr (rhbz#861972)

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