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libreoffice-presentation-minimizer - Shrink LibreOffice presentations

License: (MPLv1.1 or LGPLv3+) and LGPLv3 and LGPLv2+ and BSD and (MPLv1.1 or GPLv2 or LGPLv2 or Netscape) and Public Domain and ASL 2.0 and Artistic and MPLv2.0
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The Presentation Minimizer is used to reduce the file size of the current
presentation. Images will be compressed, and data that is no longer needed will
be removed.


libreoffice-presentation-minimizer- [339 KiB] Changelog by Caolán McNamara (2013-10-08):
- Resolves: rhbz#1016022 fix cut from impress and paste to writer

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