glusterfs-geo-replication - GlusterFS Geo-replication

License: GPLv2 or LGPLv3+
GlusterFS is a clustered file-system capable of scaling to several
peta-bytes. It aggregates various storage bricks over Infiniband RDMA
or TCP/IP interconnect into one large parallel network file
system. GlusterFS is one of the most sophisticated file system in
terms of features and extensibility.  It borrows a powerful concept
called Translators from GNU Hurd kernel. Much of the code in GlusterFS
is in userspace and easily manageable.

This package provides support to geo-replication.


glusterfs-geo-replication- [148 KiB] Changelog by Bala FA (2014-09-19):
- fixes bugs bz#1136711 bz#1138288 bz#1139213 bz#1139273 bz#1139473 
  bz#1140643 bz#1143960
- build to make higher release with rhs-3.0-client to avoid build

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