Network Infrastructure Server

rsyslog-pgsql - PostgresSQL support for rsyslog

License: (GPLv3+ and ASL 2.0)
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The rsyslog-pgsql package contains a dynamic shared object that will add
PostgreSQL database support to rsyslog.


rsyslog-pgsql-5.8.10-8.el6.i686 [19 KiB] Changelog by Tomas Heinrich (2013-08-14):
- drop patch 5 which introduced a regression
  resolves: #927405
  reverts: #847568
- add a patch to prevent 'RepeatedMsgReduction' causing missing hostnames
  resolves: #893197
- add a patch to enable specifying UID/GID as a number
  resolves: #886117
- add a patch to prevent a segfault in gssapi
  resolves: #862517

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